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Mediation Services in Fort Myers and Cape Coral, FL

Mediation is a process in which your mediator acts as a neutral third party. The mediator will help you reach a settlement in your legal issues. The role of the mediator is to guide your discussion, explore settlement alternatives and resolve difficult conflicts.

Together both parties meet with the mediator and exchange necessary information and ideas about various ways to settle your differences. This process allows both parties to make the decisions together, rather than attorneys arguing your case in court before a judge.

Mediation is typically less expensive than tradional litigation and reduces the fears associated with divorce or legal separation.

Diane M. Dramko, Esq. is a Board Certified Family and County Court Mediator since 1998 and has participated in many mediations both as the attorney for one side or as a mediator. With her vast experience in mediation, this may be the method of choice in handling your divorce or custody situtation.
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