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Limited Family Law Services in Fort Myers and Cape Coral, FL

People sometimes wish to handle the more routine aspects of a case themselves. However, they sometimes find that they need help dealing with the more technical legal matters, or that they need help working out a solution to a particular problem.

The attorneys at Budget Divorce Center are available to assist you on a limited basis. You can retain control over your case, and hire an attorney for a specific service.

The attorney would only perform the services specifically agreed upon. The attorney will not become your attorney of record in the case, or make any court appearances on your behalf unless specifically retained for that purpose. You will continue to represent yourself throughout the process except for the attorney's limited assistance.

Our experienced attorneys are available to assist you in preparing pleadings, drafting and reviewing agreements, participating in mediation, or appearing in court on a limited basis.

Once the limited services have been performed, if you determine that you cannot adequately represent yourself, you may retain one of our attorneys to represent you in all remaining phases of the case.
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